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Paul Simonon and Mick Jones, formerly of the Clash, are sporting what look like submariners' caps.

Damon Albarn buzzes between Portakabin dressing-rooms, checking on the inhabitants.

I had the privilege of being introduced to Gothenburg, Sweden’s electro sweethearts Little Dragon during the Treasure Island Festival.

It was an honor that Impose was on their top list for interviews being that they had just flown into San Francisco from Sweden.

What other electronic groups can you guys recommend from Sweden? F: I mean I would say it’s like when you have parents who watch it, it justifies what we do even more because it’s like, oh they’re on this T. show, so we may be doing something that is like, proper! What was the difference between making the self-titled, so when the second album came out we started to be in sync with ourselves a little bit, actually playing songs that we liked today and then I think the third album is gonna be the real sync! To make sure you ain’t saying nothing you shouldn’t, they already have something like that in the auto correct and it won’t let me drop an F-bomb in a text.

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