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This is another one of those ultimate resource links, but then Im prejudiced.

I found scripture to defend my beliefs that I was called to be a Keeper at Home, that I was the one the Lord had chosen to train up my children. When I found this, back in 2002, I was the only single mother I knew of who was home educating. Since that time, Ive become acquainted with Janet, via email and a yahoo group that we are both members of. Linda talks about many practical things that face single moms who are trying to home educate, be the keeper at home and often times the sole financial supporter of their family. But with perseverance, flexibility and a strong network of support, single parent homeschooling can be done, and done well. by Lisa Henderson - This is a great article when considering the reality of balancing the needs of our childrens education with our need to provide an income. In addition to feeling totally alone as a single mother who was home educating, I have also felt totally alone as I struggled with fear and panic over the years. by Janet - Another excellent article on scriptural responsibility of the believer as an individual and the body of believers at a whole to support and encourage single mothers as keepers at home and home educators. MESSAGE BOARDS & ONLINE SUPPORT FOR SINGLE, HOMESCHOOLING MOMS Okay, in all honesty, Im rather new to the whole online community thing. It is a great place of fellowship and encouragement.

by Teri Brown - While this article is not written by a single mom it is about single moms who have chosen to home educate.

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If you know someone who is thinking about whether or not they should start home educating, this is THE site to send them too. It is a part of Considering Homeschoolings ministry.

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