Xbmc video library not updating Adult chatromms

by  |  04-Nov-2019 19:31

Ensure you go into “Set Content” and change the item, “This directory contains” to Movies or whatever content you have in your source.

Actually, this guide does away with exporting and importing mostly.

I got tired of waiting for my large collection to download every time I did an upgrade or removed a Kodi source/share.

Enter what you see below: Now you should have a media source called "profile dir".3)Click on "profile dir"to addon_datago to plugin.video.1channel There should be two folders, "Movies" and "TVShows"rightclick on them, "Set content" and choose the appropriate content: Save. Everytime you update your video library, these two folders will be scanned for content.

The Movies/TV shows you added should now be on your homescreen in Movies/TV shows. Does that mean I have to go through same process if I add TV shows from different addons or will it go under same library.

From all the great new features in this addon, Quasar library integration support is the one we are the most excited about.

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