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I will stop before I let my imagination and misplaced cultural references get the best of me. Everything about this man was a stark juxtaposition to the rest of the venue, making him absolutely perfect in my eyes. He smiled back and said hello, revealing a deep Welsh accent that only enriched the budding fantasy fiction erotica in my head.

Since my faux-French laissez-faire ass had chosen to forgo all the aforementioned sartorial efforts, there I stood, on the outside looking in, resembling the Grim Reaper / Grinch that Stole Holiday Sex Appeal, in my jeans and oversize Stella Mc Cartney coat. He took up about 2 x 7 feet of space – maybe more, considering the long locks of red hair that cascaded down his back in a mane-like effect that would have made the Lion King jealous.

On the vast plain of his body, he was wearing what could only be described as enormous fisherman’s cardigan, inspiring the vision of a young widow knitting sorrowfully in a tiny seashore cottage, while starting into the deep blue sea, hoping for her man to return.

"Unless they get a very strong 'go-ahead' signal or someone else makes the first move, it's just not going to happen," says Schwartz. Spring into action by initiating the kiss yourself, or take the slightly more coy approach of cozying up, putting a flirtatious smile on your face, and posing a daring question.

"What does a guy/girl have to do to get a kiss around here? When religion — or a strict upbringing — guides a person's behavior, they may take any kind of physical contact very seriously.

He invited us to his table, populated by a few of his Burning Man brothers and lithe 22-year-old yoga students (granted, he was also a yoga teacher), who flocked to him like their own personal shaman. His Sunday outfit was even better than his Saturday one.

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