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33-year-old Alex Zorach has been happily dating his girlfriend for two years and has practical advice -- what you could call "DIY dating." "My girlfriend and I first hung out at a potluck tea party that I hosted at my apartment," notes Zorach.

Evolutionary theorists have often focused on competition when it comes to mate selection.

Dating is often referred to as a game in which we compete to get the attention of a potential, or current lover.

Available income and geographical location are certainly significant considerations, but in a possible fledgling relationship, how do we strike a balance when broaching this potentially awkward subject? From a purely economical standpoint, dating expert Leonardo Bustos explains, "Internet dating is far and away the most practical and economical way to meet someone." "If you go to a nightclub and try to meet women, you can run up a hefty bar tab in no time," Bustos explains, "and your odds of meeting someone you really connect with are pretty dismal." He adds that with online dating, you're at least meeting people who are looking.

But when it comes down to paying on dates, it's a fine balance and daters' viewpoints really run the gamut.

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