Wsus group membership not updating

by  |  15-Aug-2019 23:45

So two that leaves two options, doing server-side in WSUS itself or making a Group Policy (I am going to pretend they didn't even suggest editing the registry on each computer).

What are the benefits / trade offs of the two different methods?

#next_pages_container Hi everyone, I've been building a bunch of laptops lately and I'm having trouble with WSUS.

The laptops see the WSUS server and get added to the Unassigned Computers group.

Finally, in part three, I’ll go over WSUS 2012, reporting, and Power Shell.

Don’t forget that Group Policy settings can take up to 90 minutes to apply.

I've tried running the command /resetauthorization /detectnow from the clients but they still think they are in the Unassigned Computers group.

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