Wpf tooltip binding not updating

by  |  19-Aug-2019 07:21

The binding framework not only detects changes in the source property, it is able to detect changes at any point in the chain of property relationships from the I'm not going to give examples of all the various bindings that are possible, MSDN has a good reference for these.

In the previous example we had two bindings that navigated the relationship from Person to as shown graphically below: We'll wrap up part two of the series on databinding by looking at a couple of variations in the binding syntax, the first is a 'longhand' version of the binding.

Thank you for the example, it works as expected here too.

But I have a Tick Template that I use and that in combination with Tick Placement="Bottom Right" makes it not to update the UI correctly.

The red textbox border does appear but the check isn't execute which returns the string value for the tooltip.

Hello, Since the Is Read Only property is set to True no characters different from the ones in the items of the Combo Box can be written or deleted.

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