Wowtrack not updating

by  |  08-Feb-2020 05:53

Criteria ID: 33096Keystone Challenger (ID: 11184)Complete a Level 5 or higher Mythic dungeon within the time limit.

Criteria ID: 33097Keystone Conqueror (ID: 11185)Complete a Level 10 or higher Mythic dungeon within the time limit.

Feel free to comment or send me messages if you had some issues.

Wowtrack not updating

Someone who has a history of changing guilds every few weeks might signify a problem. Useful in case you have a suspicion about a player’s guild history .

Even if it isn’t, it’s still nice to learn and get a little more background information on a player and their raiding guild history. You know where that character ended up during each raiding tier.

The screen shots below are of the data mining application that I am developing.

I've had it running for the last few weeks but recently I had to gut alot of the code to simplify it.

One of the burning questions guild recruiters want answered is whether or not a applicant is a guild hopper.

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