Who is urs buhler dating dating a middle child

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His matinee-idol looks and Adonis-like physique have possibly contributed as much to Urs Buhler's success as his tremulous tenor.

Down the front, a troika of blondes leap up in their stilettos after every song.

A dozen string players, perched on a platform above the stage, plus an orchestra hidden in the pit, can’t compete with the volume of the fans. This is the New York opening of A Musical Affair, a six-night residency in support of the album of the same name.

He sang in the choir of the Dutch opera and performed in the Salzburg Festival under the direction of Claudio Abbado.

Before joining Il Divo, he was mainly based in the Netherlands, singing oratorios and performing with the Netherlands Opera Gezelschap (NOG).

Yet anyone scrutinising their progress could tell by the way they move through the crowd that they are stars; the kind of celebrities who are used to being mobbed and have good reason to be fearful of groups of women.

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