who is bethenny dating - Who is tom arnold dating

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Patrick, 23, meanwhile looked like he had gone through it all before as he nonchalantly checked his mobile phone as his father got to work.

However, by 1990 he was writing, producing and acting on her iconic sitcom, "Rosanne" (ABC, 1988-1997).

Their marriage often played out like a train wreck for a salivating tabloid media.

What followed was a series of questionable movies such as "The Stupids" (1996) and failed TV sitcoms like "The Tom Show" (The WB, 1997-98).

Eventually Arnold would settle into a career as a supporting player in smaller film roles, television series, and talk shows.

And yet, the comic actor persevered, working steadily in both film and on television as actor, comedian and media personality.

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