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As you continue to listen, you can give either a 'thumbs up' or 'thumbs down' to fine tune the station.

This isn't a review of the app so I won't name it here as there are several apps of this nature. By that I mean that Agnew is singing TO God rather than ABOUT God.

The husband, father, teacher, student and solo artist is back for the first time since 2012's , Todd's latest Ardent Records release chronicling highlights and "hidden moments" from the past fifteen years of his career. It's the story of one man and one God who goes to extreme lengths to love that man.

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Todd reflects, "I assumed the story of From Grace to Glorywould be a story of songs. It's the story of one man and one God who goes to extreme lengths to love that man.

It's a story of families: first, the Agnews adopting a baby, giving him parents and then a sister, then the Mc Kinneys and the Carrolls opening their homes and families in new towns, and now a new generation of Agnews, learning to love and be loved by a wife and two awesome kids." For an artist with as much musical history and success as Todd Agnew, it only makes sense that a "best of" album would soon become part of his discography.

Cuts like "Shepherd" and "Grace Like Rain" pour forth as superb praise & worship fare.

"Romans 12:1" brings the funk with a slapped bassline leading the charge.

My favorite song is the title song, 'Grace Like Rain'. I feel that songs of this nature draw the listener into worship as a co-participant rather than remaining a mere hearer or spectator.

Who is todd agnew dating

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