Who is rick ross dating right now

by  |  09-Jan-2020 17:50

It seems like the boss got him a new ting for the time being and she's different than the types we're used to seeing him with. She has a good job so it doesn't seem like she's with him for money.

She's an executive assistant at Twitter and reportedly met Rick Ross on the job three months ago when she interviewed him. She posts photos with the rapper, goes to his Wing Stop openings, drives his cars, and even has pictures of Rick Ross and his kids all over her Instagram which is @liznotlis.

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28) holding the thigh of Stevie J’s reality show co-star, Joseline Hernandez, made its way to the producer.

Stebbie called Ross out on Instagram, taking the Puerto Rican Princess down with him.

Rick Ross is reportedly dating Twitter executive Liz Hagelthorn.

Rumors of their romance have been circulating for a few weeks now despite neither of them confirming anything.

Rick Ross been a lover boy before and after his weight loss.

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