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Stone's men are generally at a high level of achievement with the income to match. Should we hit it off, I'd be open to you moving in to my place.It's a one-bedroom apartment, so that should be really cozy, which is great for romance.

There were many notable events in the news this past week. It was reported that over 50,000 unaccompanied children have been apprehended in the U. Okay, so perhaps Stone's announcement didn't carry quite the same weight as the other news stories, but it did for me. I'm no celebrity; I'm a humble writer nowhere near Stone's level of accomplishment. And if we did date, how would that change both our lives, and could the relationship even last beyond her initial infatuation with me?

Thousands fled Gaza as Israel ramped up its offensive. You see, after the demise of my romantic relationship, I also recently began dating again. (Okay, I'm an optimist.) In order to explore these questions and determine whether a) there is any chance at all I could end up on a date with Ms.

T And in between, there will be 2.5 days of 100s of alumni and fantastic content, including a dozen breakout sessions, great discussions and panels with alumni, cocktail receptions, parties, "speedy dating" and much, much more.

Anyone who attended our first Reunion in April 2009 will remember that the three days of events, panels, parties, and special events – including a concert by Rufus Wainwright – far surpassed anyone’s expectations.

Christine is married to Center For Investigative Reporting Executive Chair Phil Bronstein and is mother to three children.

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