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She reportedly went to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after the incident and a rape kit was administered.

Sources told TMZ that Comrie says the sexual encounter was consensual.

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What’s funny is I’m German, but then I’m like French — I’m French and German and then Jewish. I would watch movies with him, I guess, in the background. I read the log line from it, which was “An ‘80s love letter tribute to John Carpenter and Steven Spielberg films.” And I was like: “I’m in!

Probably movies that I definitely should not have watched. I just wound up getting inspired by all these movies I grew up watching. I didn’t really care what it was, I just wanted to get into it. I spoke to the Duffer brothers about the challenges they had casting the kids. ” So I read the dummy sides, and I did an audition where I was sick in bed. Well, Guns N’ Roses, but that’s more of like an early ‘90s thing — all those great bands.

The latest trend involves trolling internet dating sites and convincing women that they are honorable Soldiers who have fallen in love and would do anything to communicate with the object of their affection.

But, because they are deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq, they need you to sign up for an expensive telecommunications service like “Military TELEX” in order to make that happen.

In Stranger Things, Mike, one of the middle-schooler protagonists in this tale of supernaturally spiked ‘80s horror show, has a lot to deal with, including the disappearance of one of his best friends, his increasingly dangerous attempt to solve the mystery of that disappearance, and his decision to take in a girl named Eleven and allow her to live in his basement without his parents finding out.

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