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“She was arrested and the investigation is ongoing, and the case will be presented to the district attorney’s office upon completion of the investigation,” Detective Hom tells Us Weekly, adding yesterday: "She is not in custody at this time." TMZ has published Warner's mug shot (below), along with further details about what transpired.

Warner allegedly went to lunch on Friday afternoon and drank one martini. However, sources claims that Warner took an Ambien to help her fall asleep when she got home... Cops have told TMZ that a breathalyzer test was administered at the scene and that Warner blew right around a .08.

and she then woke up in the the hospital, with no recollection of ever driving that day. This same TMZ insider says Warner was not wearing any pants when she was arrested; she was taken into custody while donning just underwear. Warner formerly owned the now-closed Sky Sport and Spa in Beverly Hills.

a police cruiser, causing a deputy to jump out of harm's way.

She was arrested and taken to jail ,where her bail was set at $60,000. and Warner was also charged with driving under the influence and a hit and run for property damage.

It was canceled two years later, following a three-season run.

The workout guru wrote on her personal website years ago that she felt a need to turn her life around after turning 40 years old.

The former Work Out star, 48, was also charged with driving under the influence and a hit and run for property damage during the incident, which occurred around p.m.

Who is jackie warner dating now

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