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“It seems like we are all in constant search of the ‘Good Life.’ Between work, family, bills, life can get hectic and it is easy to get lost in the shuffle.

Sometimes it’s necessary to step back, take some time for yourself, let loose and appreciate what you have.

His name is based on slang for cannabis, and he has been photographed He launched his own record label 'Harper Digital.' Buddz has built an extensive touring machine, selling out venues across the US and worldwide.

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Once you figure out "how" and "who" is boosting his sales... SNOW is ridiculed on VH1 as having "one of the Worst songs in music". trying to imitate another culture's dialect, and the lyrics were garbage.

His sales numbers and popularity are a reflection of white people flocking to a white artist...

I’m really excited to unveil this project to them and already working on the next one.” As for the song we’re featuring, “Glass House,” I was talking to our own Brian Winters, whose also reviewing the album as of this writing, and he was telling me how he enjoyed this track the most.

It’s a hard reggae track with gunshot sounding snare drops, bouncing keys rounded out by some deep bass.

After 10 years, Collie Buddz finally released a brand new, 10-track album on May 19th with Good Life.

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