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"There's no reason why women cannot come into Formula One; there's nothing stopping young girls coming in, as drivers, as technicians – send your CV in." "Traditionally roles in F1 have been regarded as quite 'male'.

A lot of industries are regarded as male-dominated – jobs for the boys – but as society has developed and progressed, women think they can do jobs that men can do and quite rightly so.

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Recently described by a customer as "the speed-dating version of Powell's," our airport store has an eclectic mix of the latest bestsellers, popular fiction and nonfiction, a newly expanded selection of used and sale books, staff picks, games, toys, and a wide range of gifts. Sellers can drop off books at their convenience, and after the books are assessed, our buyer will notify the seller so that they can return to pick up either the books or their used book payout.

Claire explained: “The support that we offer is to enable victims to feel safe, to get appropriate support for their needs.” That isn’t always an easy task.

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