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Patrick Kielty flew 5,000 miles to woo his future wife Cat Deeley.But behind the charm lies the tragedy of his father’s death in 1988, killed by Ulster Loyalists.The second series of Debatable returns on April 17 on BBC Two.

These words have a more than usual ring of truth for Kielty, whose father Jack was murdered in 1988 by Loyalist Ulster Freedom Fighters when his building firm in Dundrum, County Down, was sprayed with bullets. The minute you’re angry then someone else has won.’Prior to the events of January 25, 1988, the Kieltys had lived a more or less idyllic existence.

It was during the height of the Troubles, and the terrorists claimed that Jack had been an officer in the IRA – an allegation instantly dismissed not just by friends and family, but by the Royal Ulster Constabulary and members of Sinn Fein. Growing up in the village of Dundrum, surrounded by the Mourne Mountains and miles of sandy beach, Patrick and his brothers would play Gaelic football and cricket at Dundrum Castle and swim in the harbour.

“Good luck to her and her capitalism.” , but it was never turned into a series. He carried the Olympic torch through Northern Ireland for the 2012 Games.

Kielty was bestowed the honor of running a leg of the torch’s journey through Northern Ireland.

As he returns to stand-up comedy at the Edinburgh Festival, he opens up to Lina Das ‘I start my show by saying, “I’ve got a problem and my problem is I’ve never been happier...

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