Which circuit city stores are liquidating

by  |  27-Aug-2019 19:58

An ABC reporter visited a Linens ‘n Things store during its liquidation sale in 2008 and found that new price tags covered up old ones with lower prices.

Mature webcamchat - Which circuit city stores are liquidating

Liquidation: It’s an ugly word for the ugly process of shutting down a retailer by selling off stuff little by little until there’s nothing left that anyone’s going to buy at any price.

And my most recent visit to my local branch of the soon-to-be-defunct Circuit City in the Bay Area was…ugly. The place, which says it’s down to its final week of business, was in gloomy disarray–one part rummage sale, one part junk closet, and barely recognizable as the splashy consumer-electronics merchant that has been around for sixty years.

The place looked a little desolate even before I went inside: The “Store Closing” banner was twisting in the wind like a Circuit City creditor, a “For Lease” sign was up, and you still tell where the signage promoting the Verizon Store within (which is gone) had been haphazardly removed.

Inside, large sections of the store floor were cordoned off like a crime scene, with stern warnings forbidding customers to enter them.

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