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I recently graduated from college, I work a full-time job, and I desire to be married.

I've had two previous marriage-minded relationships, each during college lasting about four to five months, and both I would consider "successful," albeit resolving in a decision to break off the courtship. While I certainly have much to learn, mentors and counselors whom I trust (including my parents), have affirmed that they believe I'm in a position in my life and at a maturity to pursue marriage.

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A lot of people prefer stay the place where they were born.

But sometimes your life changes dramatically and you have to change your place in order to find some additional opportunities and happiness.

I recalled the countless instances of frustration and impatience and even despair as the birthdays pass, and my situation seemingly grows more and more hopeless.

I might never find the simplest and most complicated of life’s blessings: someone to love who also loves me.

That’s why we have great amount of different candidates all over the world.

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