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Early in 2008 Bazalt have already demonstrated its RBK-500 cassette bombs, and blocks for air containers with splinter anti-personnel, concrete wall penetrating, cumulative, incendiary, and self-targeting elements SPBE and landmines.

PBK-U has SPBE-K sub-munition self-guided elements. As the 'Bazalt's peoples on MAKS-2009 explained me, the principle of guiding of that elements is just the same as 'Smerch's cassette anti-armor self-guided submunition elements have.

It can be launched from the altitude 100- 14,000 m, with the speed 700-1100 km/h, with maximal range of 50 km.

One RBK-U kit is used to destroy 6 units of tanks or other armored vehicles.

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