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As a major pantyhose enthusiast, there was always that one lingering desire I’ve always had in the back of my head.Ever since I’ve seen those images of those super shiny seamless Wolford pantyhose worn on those lucky-as-hell models, I knew I had to have a pair.Before Hair was launched in March of 1998, it had a life on the Web known as The Long Hair Video site which was launched during the period of late 1996 - early 1997.

Jack Mercer (1959 series)David Kolin (Felix the Cat: The Movie)Thom Adcox-Hernandez (The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat) (Season 1)Charlie Adler (Season 2)Fred Newman (2004)Dave Coulier (2004, Felix the Cat Saves Christmas) While Felix's personality varies by adaption, he is generally always portrayed as mischievous, but good-hearted, and willing to help others in need.

Notably, a lot of his 1920s shorts revolve around him trying to get food by any means necessary, even going as far as stealing from other people.

In the 1936 cartoons, he is portrayed as more innocent and child-like, and thus less mischievous.

In the 1950s cartoon and later incarnations, he is shown to have a fondness for puns, making them every chance he gets.

Still, the fantasy of draping the queen of the pantyhose over my legs and basking in their shiny glow persisted for years.

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