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The family of 38-year-old Nicolas Sanchez say he was “killed in cold blood” after the shocking police footage was released.Described by relatives as “a big-hearted person”, Sanchez was shot and killed by bullets from his own gun after being disarmed by officers outside a petrol station in Roy, Utah, US.

From our perspective, it appears as if the police did things right in this case, but some commenters in the Fox 13 article are accusing the officers of not doing enough to stop the fire before it continued to spread.

But dragging the man out of the house was a priority.

One officer can be heard in the clip saying: “Come over here and talk to me.“Or do you just want to be arrested right now?

It’s your choice.”Sanchez responds: “What do you want to talk to me for, though? ” To which an officer says: “We got called on you.”Sanchez then lifts up his sweatshirt and an officer says they can see a gun on him, adding: “Do not reach for your pocket.”An officer walks towards Sanchez and a brief chase is caught on camera before several shots are fired in quick succession.

Dramatic body cam video emerged from Utah showing police entering a home and finding a shirtless man armed with a machete who was lighting a curtain on fire.

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