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The database cursor characteristic of traversal makes cursors akin to the programming language concept of iterator.Cursors are used by database programmers to process individual rows returned by database system queries.The Eloquent ORM included with Laravel provides a beautiful, simple Active Record implementation for working with your database.

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There are many ways to do things, but I prefer to use qualified data structure to reference files in the code, if you are learning RPG then I strongly recommend it as a good technique, so thats the style I will use here.

If we wanted to do the same thing in SQLRPGLE we could do it like this: **FREE dcl-ds sillyfile Data Structure extname('SILLYFILE') qualified end-ds; exec sql declare Nicks Cursor cursor for select * from sillyfile where status = '1' and flag = 'X' for update of status; exec sql open Nicks Cursor; exec sql fetch next from Nicks Cursor into :sillyfile Data Structure; Dow sqlstt='00000' or %subst(sqlstt:1:2)='01'; // some program logic stuff could be here // we could use those file fields field we just read as // sillyfile Data Structure.username or // sillyfile Data Structure.userdesc exec sql update filename set flag = 'Y' where current of Nicks Cursor; exec sql fetch next from Nicks Cursor into :sillyfile Data Structure; Enddo; exec sql close Nicks Cursor; *inlr = *on; The words CURRENT OF, followed by the cursor name, refer to the last row that was retrieved through the cursor with the FETCH command.

Models allow you to query for data in your tables, as well as insert new records into the table.

Before getting started, be sure to configure a database connection in Once you have created a model and its associated database table, you are ready to start retrieving data from your database.

Rows Only does not seem to work with the FOR UPDATE clause.

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