Updating ssl cert for iis

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It’s only a 1 year cert so I had to replace it for the first time today and thought I’d document the process. One thing to be sure of – it may have been awhile since you’ve updated your cert and if you’ve enabled workplace join then you need a multi-domain cert to add an alternative name to your certificate.

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Specifically, you need to assign full control to the ADFS service account.

If you are using a managed service account be sure to scope your search for that when assigning permissions.

Now you’ll want to bounce over to the ADFS Console to “Set Service Communications Certificate” You can do this via Power Shell as well: Set-Adfs Certificate -Certificate Type Service-Communications -Thumbprint thumbprint Set-Adfs Ssl Certificate -Thumbprint thumbprint You’ll see all the certs in the personal store enumerated – be sure to pick the right one (there is an option to view the cert before selecting it).

Updating ssl cert for iis

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