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Most tubs and showers are more or less “built-in” fixtures, and taking them out results in a series of collateral work, such as replacing tile and other finishes, making plumbing connections (which are often hard to reach), dealing with sizing issues and considering additional changes that might make sense while you’re tearing everything up anyway.In most cases, people aren’t replacing a tub or shower because it has failed or broken, but because it’s simply become outdated or too cruddy over the years, or it’s never quite fit their “dream bath” image.We started with the guest bathroom, thinking we’d save money by having the tub re-finished rather than replaced. From the hundreds of dollars we spent having the tub professionally re-finished, to the time it took to peel off that horrific wallpaper, and to the near-filing of divorce papers when I knocked over and broke our last, intricately cut porcelain tile for the floor, we were clueless.

If you’re adamant about at least attempting to DIY, you need to factor in the cost of your time.

And not only the time it takes to complete a project, but the long-term time it takes to “complete” a home.

The problem with pricing a tub or shower project is that replacing a tub or shower is almost never just replacing a tub or shower.

It’s not like swapping out a dead dishwasher or a cracked toilet or even an ugly, old sink.

Even more so, I love all the added layers color that can be brought into a bathroom to make it not only a functional space, but a magical oasis – ) can seem daunting when thinking about a makeover.

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