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73 Magazine (also known as 73 Amateur Radio Today) was an amateur radio magazine that was published from October 1960 to September 2003.

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Quick Time expects to know the location of every single frame in a movie in order to play it.

This is easy with its native format, MOV/MP4, but more difficult for several others, including MKV.

Here's what our roadmap looks like: A final word: If and when Perian stops working, try looking into VLC or MPlayer OS X. Chris Forsythe Graham Booker Alexander Strange Augie Fackler PS We would like to thank Erica Sadun for helping us write this letter, and for general guidance.

Sure, they're not Perian, but they offer great software still under development. Please consider removing obsolete Quick Time Components: FFusion, Xvid Delegate, 3iv X, Div X, Div X Decoder, Xvi D, msmpeg4v1, msmpeg4v2, Avi Importer, EX_M4S2, Casio AVI Importer, AC3 Codec, and Matroska QT.

Within a couple of years, he had 2,000 subscribers.

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