Updating flash player

by  |  29-Aug-2019 06:47

Before you update Adobe, make sure you have closed all the running instances of your browser.

You can go ahead and copy this article in Word Pad for reference.

updating flash player-81

Went in through the command line and first renamed to old to libflashplayer.so100 and then copied the new one in to the folder.

Restarted firefox but it still says that I have an outdated version of flash. Is there a apt-get command to get the latest update for flash player? I would have thought that as some 40% of the worlds web sites are run with flash player code.

Having done that, open Windows Run box and run the command C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash\ and note the version number of_Active -update plugin and press Enter.

Replace the version number in the command with the one you got above, before executing it.

jwzimmer1990 wrote: Hey everyone, Recently a serious security issue was found with Flash Player on Windows.

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