Updating fields word mac michael scott dating

by  |  26-Dec-2019 13:26

Can you do this update routine in the software successfully (without Labview)?

If so, record a macro of your actions and use the macro code to determine the Active X objects that are needed to do it externally.

Hi everybody, Is there a way to update all the fields as explained here (Update a cross-reference from one page to another)https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Create-or-update-a-cross-reference-aa35c606-34e8-4c64-b6eb-... Actually I am just looking for a way to update/refresh the entire word (fields, cross-reference etc) before closing it.

in order to update cross-references linked to bookmarks in a word template before closing it while appending some texts and pictures ? I do not know if it feasible using a Active X command or something else....

I use the Report Generation toolkit as a jumping off point.

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