Updating environment variables

by  |  20-Jan-2020 05:34

It can be used with a Docker ENTRYPOINT script to download, decrypt, and source your environment variables at container runtime.See the example app at https://github.com/convox-examples/secure-env-example for more details.Developers may share one S3 account, while the staging site and production sites each have their own keys.

When an option is not set in a saved configuration, configuration file, or directly on an environment, the default value applies, if there is one. You can update configuration option settings in the AWS Management Console by deploying an application source bundle that contains configuration files, applying a saved configuration, or modifying the environment directly with the Configuration page in the environment management console.

Update configuration files in your source directory, create a new source bundle, and deploy the new version to your Elastic Beanstalk environment to apply the changes.

Convox applications are configured using environment variables. There isn’t currently a way to set an environment variable for a whole cluster rather than just a single app.

Environment management differs depending on whether you are running your applications locally or in the cloud. You can set environment variables at the service level in .

This is an error-prone process, and is especially complicated for open source apps which often have to maintain separate (and private) branches with app-specific configurations.

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