Sexchat girl vietnam - Updating blackberry firmware

by  |  08-Sep-2019 18:58

updating blackberry firmware-57

Previous OS here: put songs from a cd on to my comp then transfer them to my bb curve8250 and it not letting me listen to them it keep saying (The Media Being Played Uses An Unsupported DRM) how do i get the songs to work ??

I copied songs off a CD then transferred the songs to my phone i go to listen th them but it keeps on saying ( the medis being played uses an unsupported DRM ) who wuld i be able to listen to my songs ??

Are there any Ubuntu blackberry projects I am not aware of.

Firmware updates cannot be applied to Black Berry devices from Ubuntu, so the answer to your first question is 'No, it cannot be done'.

I Put some songs on my computer from my Cd then i transfered them to my blackberry curve 8520 and its not letting me listen to them it just keeps saying "The media beind played uses an unsupported DRM " How wuld i get to lsten to my songs with out downloading them ???

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