Updating array using multiple threads java muic dating site

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One invokes the update method of a class that modifies a variable.Another invokes the update method of a class that reads the variable.In a general case you would probably want Locks, synchonized or Atomic Integer.

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About refactoring your methods, you should have used interfaces (e.g.

Now regarding synchronization, you should strive to minimize its scope otherwise there'll be unnecessary waiting between threads, thats why concurrent package is given to have high performance in multithreading (using even non blocking algorithms).

While few Java™ developers can afford to ignore multithreaded programming and the Java platform libraries that support it, even fewer have time to study threads in depth.

Instead, we learn about threads ad hoc, adding new tips and techniques to our toolboxes as we need them.

The volatile read is not the read of the array element.

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