Updating a brick house

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Brick Paneling: Brick paneling possesses all the durability and unparalleled elegance of full-face brick, yet its use maximizes time, space and weight.

Panel Brick offers versatility that's hard to achieve with any other brick or brick siding.

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When I drive around, I have yet to see a good example of a combination that works, or colours that were chosen well to coordinate with both the brick and stone.

I’m not exagerating when I say that most of these homes are so ugly, I start feeling bad for the homeowner.

Started during the 1970's and 80's, wood paneling is the alternate to the usual painted or textured wallpaper and drywall.

Usually available in a 4x8 foot sheet, wood paneling solves many purposes from hiding depleted walls to concealing wiring to decorating the interior of any room.

Solid Masonry Solid masonry construction is also called ‘Solid Brick’, ‘Double Brick’, and sometimes ‘Brick and Block’.

Updating a brick house

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