University arizona carbon dating dinosaur bones iquitos dating

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-MM Not true, maximum C-14 dating age is 60,000-80,000 years with todays dating equipment, all of these dinosaurs where C-14 dated to be much younger than that - the oldest sample dated by the University of Georgia and others, was 40,000 years old and would still have 1% of the original C-14 atoms left in its tissue.

-MM a reply to: Merkaba Meditation Your source is dubious at best.

For archeologists, discovering a nearly complete set of dinosaur bones in a dig is already considered a great find.

Imagine how happy they are now to find the fossilized remains of a nodosaur (heavily armored plant-eating dinosaurs) that still has bits of skin and other organic matter intact.

All specimens are from the collections of the Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg, Frankfurt.

University arizona carbon dating dinosaur bones

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