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A gay Ugandan-born asylum seeker is facing deportation to his place of birth, where homosexuality is punishable by life imprisonment.Abbey Kyeyune, who has been living in the Manchester since 2014, told Home Office officials decided he had failed to sufficiently “prove” his sexuality.Since as far back as 2006, he has been working to spread his anti-gay message in Russia. T.-rights movement has achieved a remarkable amount of progress in battling negative public opinion on homosexuality, and now, with the Lively case, they’ve had at least a small triumph in a country that is not even their own.

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He urged Russians to protect themselves and recommended making illegal the “public advocacy of homosexuality.” (A prohibition on advocacy of homosexuality is a key feature of Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill, which originally included a provision that would have made a crime it called aggravated homosexuality punishable by death.) Lively has also had his book, “The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party,” translated into Russian and says the Russian-language edition has been well-liked due to the promotional efforts of a colleague, Alexey Ledyaev, the anti-gay pastor of Latvia’s New Generation Church. Not only did they hold their first gay-pride parade last year, a raucous event, but they recently followed up that parade with a second pride event. rights, and you see one roaming around, it’s probably best to take preventive action sooner rather than later.

But while Lively did meet with Russian politicians and conservative religious leaders on the topic of homosexuality, the link between his meetings and the new law is unclear. dating sites and gay sex, and lamented gay-pride parades. These gay “warning signs,” Lively wrote, “are like the smoke from a forest fire.

He said he could not return to his family, and had no other friends that he could stay with in his native Kampala.

I can’t go back home, because my family will kill me”, Mr Kyeyune said. I have many friends there, and I have been going to church a lot.” The Home Office has previously claimed that a lesbian woman could not be gay because she had children, while a bisexual man has said he felt compelled to submit intimate photos of himself to help prove his case.

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