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If Windows is not already installed, go through the standard Windows installation process, then refer to this tutorial to dual-boot Ubuntu and Windows 10. The LTS version of Ubuntu gets official support from the developers of Ubuntu for 5 solid years.This means that for 5 years, users will not need to go through the updating process every six months for regular releases.Hadoop is a framework written in Java for running applications on large clusters of commodity hardware and incorporates features similar to those of the Google File System (GFS) and of the Map Reduce computing paradigm.

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I changed the setting as indicated above; but the auto-recalculate still did not work, and upon rechecking the "Calculation" option, found it had reset itself back to "Manual" all by itself.

Three attempts later and it was still adamant it wanted to be "Manual" and nothing else.

The first version is one that most users new to Ubuntu should consider installing the long term support (LTS) version.

Along with the LTS, Ubuntu releases a traditional release that is good for 6 months.

Just keep in mind when setting up the single-node clusters that we will later connect and “merge” the two machines, so pick reasonable network settings etc. Now that you have two single-node clusters up and running, we will modify the Hadoop configuration to make one Ubuntu box the “master” (which will also act as a slave) and the other Ubuntu box a “slave”.

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