Twinkle revue dating sim my best friends are dating each other

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先按空白鍵開始。 可以選自己的造型,不過只有顏色變而已。然後要調自己的屬性,從上到下依序是:力量(Strength)、魅力(Charm)、速度(Speed)、魔力(Magic)、談話技巧(Persuation)、談情技巧(Romance),不知道怎麼設的話,就都設到10吧。 進入遊戲後,一開始是在家裏,可以睡覺、存檔、打電話(Phone,會扣血5) 進大地圖(Back to map)後,有很多閃紅色的地點可以去,到山上是練功,要打怪物(怪物也都是女妖精就是了…) 接著就看你會不會和妖精小姐們談戀愛了。 [文編: Haska Su/我的遊戲口袋]其實不會很難啦 建議最好先摸清楚裡面的地圖再來看- - 一開始的屬性 總覺得調什麼都無所謂 反正時間無限制 就利用時間睡覺補命 順便用力的賺錢 用錢買很多禮物 因為送禮物時比較容易使約會定值達到100% 約會地點也可以去較貴的,剛開始約會定值較高 練攻應該可以略過不需要 但要注意不要隨便被打趴 因為被打趴後摳摳跟物品都會歸零= = 劇情走向大概就是 搭訕~了解~約會~接吻~拜訪~私奔~ 應該吧= = 搭訕:初步與女孩們的談話 了解:將女孩們的資料興趣記住 約會:以約會談話更了解資料興趣 接吻:約會直達定數後接吻,就成男女朋友 拜訪:到女孩們的家裡,與約會差不多 私奔:當拜訪到達定值,觸動條件便會私奔,成為戀人 如果遊戲過程有某女孩不理你 或是按談話就會扣好感度的時候 就必須趕回家打電話才行(或睡覺) 其實到私奔就算結局了 不過還可以繼續玩 如果不懂我在講什麼 那你只好自拼了= = 必須了解的資料有很多: 電話號碼(phone number)例:1-550-220-911 年齡(years)例:21 years 生日(birthday)例: May 30th 腰圍(waist)例:48cm 臀圍(hip)例:80cm 胸圍(breast)例:83cm 感興趣的(interested)例:speed and strenght 遊戲(video game)例: Armor RPG Experiment 身高(height)例:152cm 體重(fat)例:41kg 音樂(song)例: At the end of the Day 最愛的食物(food)例: On a diet 最愛的飲水(drink)例: Water 最愛的顏色(colours)例:pink and white 有趣的問題(quote)例: A plague o`both your housesl 最愛的場所(location)例: The twilight Valley 自己的故鄉(from)例: Les Miserables 有些我沒記下來 當然我只提供這樣的線索 其它自己想辦法! Sex Kitten Sim-Date 7 While you are on holidays with your girlfriend Slutty Mc Slut … … Sex Kitten Sim-Date 7 While you are on holidays with your girlfriend Slutty Mc Slut … Picoy#39;s gotten himself into another wacky love dilemma… Andkon Arcade: 1000 free flash games, updated weekly, and no popups!

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The critics began to shake their cynical heads and predict that this might be the end of the Forsyth Saga. It had been only a week before the 'flu bug struck him down that eight million prime-time viewers had watched the astonishing spectacle of Brucie - 82 in three months time - taking to the floor at Blackpool's Tower Ballroom and showing Strictly's teenybopper hoofers all around him just how a real entertainer does it.

It seemed impossible to believe that the lithe, nimble figure twinkle-toeing his way across the gleaming parquet of the country's most celebrated dance hall, and belting out a Lerner and Loewe hit at the same time, could possibly be an octogenarian father of six, the grandfather of eight and the great-grandfather of two.

During his stormy first marriage to Penny Calvert, a long-legged dancer at London's Windmill Theatre, Forsyth entered into a torrid affair with Britain's stunningly beautiful Miss World of 1964, Ann Sidney.

That relationship, which was to end in considerable acrimony, was succeeded by another, equally clandestine romance, with Kathy Kirby, the most beautiful British pop star of the Swinging Sixties.

Entertainment announced the creation of Girls' Generation-TTS, as the first official subgroup of the 9-member South Korean girl group, Girls' Generation.

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