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This week's Twilight Tuesday is dedicated to the 10 best "Twilight" moments of 2011.

Selecting the list proved to be a daunting task, considering an action-packed year full of "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" news, interviews, photos, videos and more.

Those who've been following the franchise from the beginning will probably remember that it was at in 2008 San Diego Comic-Con that thousands of screaming fans descended upon the annual pop-culture convention and surprised convention-goers with their overwhelming enthusiasm.

That first showing was such a huge success that going forward, Summit made Comic-Con a major priority with regard to promoting the films.

The film kicks off with the highly-anticipated wedding; when a nervous Bella goes walking down the aisle with her father, finally catching sight of her fanged husband-to-be, the depth and love these characters have for each other appears real for the first time in four films.

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