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I found a handy trick to get a new IP assigned to my cable modem from my ISP. I wont go to the trouble to post it here since it may not reflect your actual config, or your aim. The computer is not connected through a router and so gets a "real" ip from the ISP, not an internal 169... As I described, the first quoted commands above is enough in Windows XP to force a new ip adress onto the computer in a matter of seconds. Network Manager should automatically request a new ip from your ISP's DHCP server. The above working solution for Windows XP is a script. The commands mtron posted might've been possible to put together into a single script.

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But I'm going to need some sort of image to make a transparent shape, and I dunno how I can put that on... the problem I was having was that I didn't want to use background images to hide the content, as they've done. The version I've kinda got working now uses that basic approach and a load of javascript to slide the mask/transparency up and down with page scroll.

Then put a big black-background div over the top, and a bit of javascript to move the thing up and down as the user scrolls.

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