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A “huge number” of Lodge supporters are Tories, Mc Harg said, as he praised Ruth Davidson for basing her council election campaign on opposition to a second referendum.

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One senior Tory told the Times: 'He does have some very strange views.'While another added: 'He has very odd ideas to say the least.'A prolific author, Mr Matthews has penned over half a dozen books on ghosts alone, while his other paperbacks include studies into aliens, UFOs and abductions.

He is listed as the director for a a course entitled 'Understanding Our Paranormal Universe' at the International Metaphysical University.

Poor children are to be made poorer unless their mothers can prove that they were raped.

Sometimes all it takes is one subclause of a single policy to show the true face of an administration, and this nasty little addendum to the Welfare Reform and Work Bill is shocking in its casual cruelty.

But he is set to take a break from investigating the ghosts and aliens to concentrate on politics after being made the Tory MEP for the East Midlands.

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