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Subaru Brat Despite active listings fluctuating between zero and one, there were nearly 2,700 searches last month for the unusual Subaru Brat, officially making it the "scarciest" vehicle on Auto

Released in 1977, the Brat was a four-wheel drive pickup truck based on Subaru's compact DL and GL models, which were offered in sedan, station wagon or coupe body styles.

But as we poured over the data - and with Halloween looming - we noticed that in addition to being scarce, most of the site's rarest cars are also downright scary, either due to their design, price tag or a combination of other spooky factors.

So, forgive us for the play on words as we bring you the 'scarciest' cars on Auto 1.

It's a known fact that everyone reading this is an above-average driver — and that each of us always displays deep and abiding civility toward our fellow travelers. (We know, this was supposed to be only 10 reasons to pull over immediately, but we thought of a few more.

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