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In 2014, Jess was named one of the one hundred empowering women in the world featured in the International Best Seller Trilogy “Common Threads” by Dr. Most recently, she was fortunate to be listed as one of the forty-seven boldest women in the world in “Next Bold Move” by International Best Selling Author, Tarra Flores Sloan.Bela Gandhi is the Founder and President of the Smart Dating Academy, a top dating relationship coaching firm.If she talks about her children a lot, asks if you have children of your own or questions whether you want children someday, especially early in your conversation, chances are good that she’s looking for a husband/replacement father and is trying to weed out any men who won’t take on that role.

Her unrivalled success gives her possibly one of the most intriguing and exciting jobs in London.

But even if you are an eligible bachelor looking to invest in true love, she’s quite often fully booked, which is testament to her success rate.

If you have lots of time to kill, all 80 some-odd pages are filled with the same sort of ham that you get in the post that went viral; but in order to save your sanity, we've broken down some of the craziest bits for easy consumption.

Oh, and in case it's not already clear—literally nothing this guy says is right or true. If her mother was a slim stunner when she was younger, but has put on more than a couple of pounds over the years and is really showing her age, yes, your girlfriend can easily develop those same physical traits without much effort.

But what really sets Harper Stein apart from the myriad of London dating agencies is t Only taking on a select few clients at a time means that the team are able to dedicate a lot of expertise to meeting, profiling and personally introducing great matches.

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