The widows guide to sex and dating

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In the Byrne’s marriage there was only room for one man and one writer, both were Charlie, so Claire sidelined her own writing ambitions. Claire had thought that she was set for life, but now she must re-immerse herself in the Manhattan dating pool.I love all things New York and am a big fan of the Real Housewives of NY, which the author Carole Radziwill is a part of.

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”Just as a hint of a smile crossed her face, Claire’s cell phone began to buzz. There were four: The first was a policeman in a somber tone: “Mrs. Call me.”Claire set her phone on the desk and looked at Singh shuffling paper stacks.

She’d set it to “vibrate” and now it lurched noisily across the desk.“I’m sorry, just ignore it,” she said, and made a gesture with her hand to mean “go on.”“Before we get too far,” said Singh, “let’s do this.” He was holding a measuring tape. “It is strictly the proportion of the hip to the waist. This is the true essence of desire.”Claire looked down at her own small breasts. Byrne, this is Officer Callan from the 19th precinct. She ran a couple of versions through her head, then settled on this: “My husband, I think, is dead.” She looked out the window and her gaze fell on an oak tree.

A: There was an editorial director once at The New York Times who inspired me to write.

She wrote memoirs about moving from a small town to the big city and being in magazines. I only knew her through her words and work and she was from Bristol.

He jumped up, then motioned for Claire to stand so he might measure and calculate her own ratio, her own potential for reproduction.“I’ve studied every Playboy centerfold since 1952,” he said, with his arms around Claire’s waist, his head down. “And though the bunnies have gotten thinner” -- he paused as if about to reveal a great secret -- “their hip-to-waist ratios have remained the same! I need you to contact me immediately, your husband…there’s been an accident.” The second was Richard, who also asked her to call back, and spoke in a suspiciously measured tone. She was sobbing and Claire could hear ice clinking glass.

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