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When I was first getting into the whole "non-rap/rnb/dance" scene, I would hang out with a friend of mine, and we'd listen to the Nitro compliation release "Punkzilla" constantly, and it was then I first heard bands I am now very fond of, such as AFI, Guttermouth and The Vandals. " persuaded me to run out and buy "Look What I Almost Stepped In". Their loveable pop-punky charm and humour, fast two-minute songs and Warren Fitzgerald were a perfect combination. Bassist Joe is nothing special in all honesty, and was the Vandals' drummer when they first started out. There's something about his voice that I love, but I don't know what it is.

They have the power to make everyone leave their shows with a smile upon their faces. The infamous Josh Freese, who has drummed with Guns n' Roses, A Perfect Circle, and on The Offspring's latest album "Splinter" is quite the talent behind a kit. The Vandals mainly rely on their lyrics and not so much on the music.

I've already had the CD, but I bought this just for the instrumentals and bonus track which is really awesome of the band/label to share. It's a dirty white vinyl for dirty white people, and people of all races. The band had to go on actual dates with winners all over the world, from Cleveland to Osaka. The whirling dervish Son of Man, repent while you still can.

It comes with a 31 track download that includes enjoyable instrumental versions of all the jams. Life-long friendships and inappropriate relationships were formed. The Lord of Lords declares a holy war on the on the onlookers and the wallflowers.

(3x LP on 180 gm vinyl recorded live and also includes original tour book) Carly Rae Jespen — E-Mo-Tion City & Colour — Bring Me Your Love Crowded House — Afterglow Crowded House — Crowded House Crowded House — Temple of Low Men Crowded House — Together Alone Crowded House — Woodface Daredevil — Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2x LP w/ gatefold jacket via Mondo) The Doors — London Fog 1966 (boxset including 10-inch & CD) Elf — Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Mondo release) Elvis Costello with The Metropole Orkest — My Flame Burns Blue Live (2x LP w/ gatefold jacket on 180 gm blue vinyl) Face to Face — Big Choice (remastered and includes 2 bonus tracks) Face to Face — Don’t Turn Away (remastered and includes 2 bonus tracks) Face to Face — Face to Face (remastered and includes 2 bonus tracks) Fall Out Boy — From Under the Cork Tree (2x LP w/ gatefold jacket) Fall Out Boy — Infinity On High (2x LP w/ gatefold jacket) Flatbush Zombies — 3001: A Laced Odyssey (2x LP w/ gatefold jacket on limited edition pink vinyl and includes limited vinyl only items) The Fountain — Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Clint Mansell (2x Lp omn 180 gm vinyl w/ gatefold jacket, via Mondo) The Gremlins — Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith (2x LP w/ gatefold jacket on 180 gm vinyl, via Mondo) Guster — Lost and Gone Forever The Hold Steady — Boys & Girls In America (2x LP including 4 b-sides and 6 demos) I’m Glad It’s You — The Things I Never Say (Limited edition colored vinyl) I See Stars — Treehouse Jessica Jones — Original Marvel Soundtrack (2x LP w/ gatefold jacket on 180 gm vinyl, via Mondo) Jim James — Eternally Even (limited edition gold color vinyl, indie exclusive) Jim James — Eternally Even (standard black) John Cale — Fragments of a Rainy Season (2x LP on 180 gm remastered from original tapes vinyl) John Legend — Darkness and Light (2x LP w/ gatefold jacket) Jungle Rot — Order Shall Prevail (limited edition colored vinyl) Kevin Devine / Jesse Lacey — 6 (7-inch) Kweku Collins — Nat Love Lady Gaga — Joanne (deluxe edition including 2x LP w/ gatefold jacket and 3 bonus tracks) La La Land — Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (special edition blue vinyl) Le Matos — Join Us (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Mac Miller — Watching Movies With the Sound Off (first edition pressing 2x LP w/ gatefold jacket) Neil Young — Peace Trail (white cassette) Night Hawks — Original Soundtrack by Keith Emerson (newly remastered limited edition repressing)c Other Colors — Natural Motion Protest the Hero — Pacific Myth (180 gm purple swirl vinyl, includes bonus tracks and instrumental) Rush — 2112 (3x LP 200 gm audiophile recordings.

Internet Dating Superstuds is the ninth studio album by the southern California punk rock band The Vandals, released in 2002 by Kung Fu Records.

Guitarist Warren is quite skilled, but relies a lot on his stage-presence for good audience feedback.

The vandals internet dating superstuds blogspot

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