The top 10 dating mistakes men make

by  |  13-Dec-2019 19:34

If you lack punctuality, it sends the wrong message that you’re disorganized and your date isn’t important to you.

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When one searches the Internet for a Russian wife, he will be very surprised by the large number of Russian dating services.

There are literally thousands of them on the Internet! From all appearances it seems that all women want to do is to escape from Russia because Russia is in a very difficult social, political and economic situation.

For almost seventy years, Russia was a very closed nation and outsiders (other nations), could not see or for that matter, interact with the Russian citizenry.

From this action of closed borders, somehow, was born the stereotype of what Russian women looked like, peasant stock, with stern looks and aged appearances.

I hate to disappoint you, but that type of thinking is just a stereotype.

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