The new dating game chicago

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My husband and I were a strong team during his week of paternity leave—sleeping in shifts and strategizing every plan of attack, but he escaped to the office after that week, and I felt like I was deserted on the battlefield.That is, until I met my mama friends— my comrades, if you will.

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But her Standard piece, headlined, "The New Dating Game," drags up some hoary "evolutionary psychology" ideas as fact, when that is not the case.

My frequent co-author (Rosalind Barnett of the Women's Studies Research center at Brandeis) and I attacked these myths in our 2005 book, "Same Difference." But they just keep coming back. Allen says that evolutionary psychology provides support for "a truth universally denied: Women crave dominant men.

The cozy dance floor fills up late with experienced steppers, the DJ kicks up the energy, and bar seats go fast.

The Draw Down-to-earth food is heavy on the battered and fried variety.

The very day, March 17, 2005, that Scott Peterson--sentenced to death in California for killing his wife and unborn son and throwing their remains into San Francisco Bay--took up residence on San Quentin's death row, he received three-dozen phone calls from smitten women, including an 18-year-old who wanted to become his second wife." Her anecdotes about dating behavior come from a 21-year-old-college student who throws herself at the Tucker Max, the proudly male chauvinist pig author of "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.

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