Taylor swift and stephen colletti dating poupaud dating

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Taylor Swift sure knows how to pick them when it comes to music video boyfriends.Other than being easy on the eyes, here are some facts you may not have known about the boys behind the video.If they were indeed an item, we'd be itching to hear a Swift song inspired by the former MTV star -- as long as it wasn't one of those breakup tunes.

He was most recently linked to actress Chelsea Kane, but Stephen has yet to put a ring on it.

One thing's for sure: He's never, ever getting back together with his hometown ladies, as both are off the market.

After leaving TOWIE he moved over to the States to make a name for himself.

After Charlie came out as gay, the pair went on some secret dates according to some well informed sources. Then check out these loved-up couples that announced their romance on Instagram...

Despite the fact that the duo appeared as a couple on the show, Stephen and Kristin dated since they were a sophomore in high school.

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