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== === Oh, I forgot to mention about Ralphus telling us about: And speaking of reviews, check out Review #15 at the Internet Movie Database. I enjoyed the detailed review and your comments about the producer's intentions confirm that you are someone who will continue to make important contributions.

I share your concerns about wimpy whipping scenes (let's hope J. and Dan Hawke are paying attention) although I hope I never see one that's so bad it nearly brings me to tears.

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It seemed he was the star, not Fiona or William/Charles or even the story.

I dunno, even writing about this lackluster bland-fest has left me unmotivated to even finish this review.

is an Australian film, television, and theater actress, best known for portraying the character Cara Mason in the television series Legend of the Seeker.

Prior to her acting career, she worked as a fashion model from the age of 16, Early acting work included starring as Amy in Campbell Graham's film Anyone You Want , and the role of Chris in Strangers Lovers Killers released 2010.

Yet William is a con man with a fake identity looking steal funds from the senator's charitable organization.

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