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This particular grain is known affectionately as "Cracked Egg" for its distinctive appearance. Kampf's determination of the atomic arrangement in the mineral showed it to be the same as that of a human-made component of some types of refractory (high-temperature) concrete.

Background: Cambodia, a Southeast Asian country, has experienced numerous changes to its healthcare system dating as far back as 802.

Even though treatments were limited, the Khmer Empire (802–1431) put in great efforts to establish over a hundred hospitals and rest houses along the main roads.

The appeal was upheld, and €42,000 is being granted to restore the carriage, whose total restoration will cost €55,000 and is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

The remaining €13,000 will be covered by the Birkirkara local council.

It is the main component of an unusual inclusion embedded in a meteorite (NWA 1934), found in northwest Africa. ("Refractory" refers to the fact that these grains contain minerals that are stable at very high temperature, which attests to their likely formation as very primitive, high-temperature condensates from the solar nebula.) Cracked Egg refractory inclusion was sent to Dr. Anthony Kampf, Curator of Mineral Sciences at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (NHM), for X- ray diffraction study.

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