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Box '2' holds basic information about how the person looks, what they might say/do when their anxiety is starting to increase.

It is also a place to direct the person to the individual's calming sequence and or other relaxation strategies that are known to be (at least somewhat) effective.

There is an accompanying instruction sheet that goes along with the worksheet.

Box '1' is meant to identify typical anxiety producing triggers such as loud noises, illness, late bus, etc.

Go to a public place (a train station, airport lobby, downtown gathering place) and people watch. If you like, discuss your deepest spiritual beliefs afterwards. Traditionally, parents fill their children’s shoes with treats on St. Try walking in your spouse’s shoes for an evening – perhaps more of a challenge for the husband.

Make up stories about the people who pass you, as if you’re writing a novel. Try to understand life from your spouse’s perspective. Find a book you both enjoy and take turns reading to each other, or each of you can read your own book in each other’s company. Lay out a blanket and have an indoor picnic – or at least some popcorn.

The anxiety curve model has been used by Kari and Mitzi for almost a decade to visually illustrate the power of anxiety and its influence on student behavior.

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